He had inscribed the law

of math

upon each and every heart.


He had bestowed free will

to learn

each to his chosen part.


He had left them in serenity

for just enough was taught.


They chose to persist with a rule lacking and tread on the path with danger fraught.


John furtively approached the seamless board.

His effrontery just astounding.

Face flushed red, blood pumping hard,

He replaced the teacher’s answer with his own.


It was just only rounding.


“A little tweak here,

What’s the harm? was the thought that ran through Jimmy.

but the truth place above

has more negativity


Kathryn recognized Jim’s mistake

A laugh, raucous, earsplitting, high

She began to prevaricate

after all, what is a lie?


A number did not believe in any

of them Lily was among

She furiously wrote a justification

rationalizing, reasoning, wrong


The class now scattered in separate nations

each to his own truth

forgetting their knowledge was the creations

of the teacher still in the room


like a flame lit to a wick

the classroom erupts with those in it

every one to his own answer is heard


Mary states the answer’s three

she resides in the minority

mocking, scorning irritatingly pleasant

Tim persuades it is nonexistent

amy pushes 5734293 but how she got that is a mystery

and then sam said four in a second split

now his support is dying quick


what of the ones apathetic and bored


what of the ones who scream the truth is seven and of those that can stand two to five but not nine to eleven and those that love ten and those that hate eight and those that worship nineteen cause it’s on the doorplate


and what of the ones that praise fifteen as well as sixteen and seventeen though they they misspell and those that choose six because of morale those that don’t say but begin to foretell those that say none just to rebel those that choose infinity put it in a nutshell and those that resell and those who outyell and those who believe






of the ones who fasten on the first believe his written work believe it’s right though the public opposes believe it’s irreplaceable to infinity and beyond all the reasons and recently revealed revelations believe the axiom, demolished, dismantled, alive, eradicated, abolished, exterminated, survives and they cling to the Teacher’s every word tho’ their actions be broken whom are their faces turned toward










words of description to each mind is fed

we need a new king, a new answer to head

our progress to answers unspoken unsaid


how about


if we can’t decide


then whoever could¿


for so mnay to be worng wehn we cnat dciede

sreluy so mnay cnaont mkae up a lie

boraedn yuor mnid and yuo’ll see taht all can be ture

the olny one worng is




chaos ensues


what to do


what to do


the Teacher sees and knows it’s his cue


Ascending above all, Teacher arises.

Considering all, He knows, no surprises.

The bell has rung.

Time to gather or discard what each paper comprises.


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