the great spatula war

My friend and I get along great. She loves to bake, cook, read, study, and do awesome things. I love to bake, cook, read, study, and do awesome things. We love doing awesome things together. We'll be eating lunch and both hear something out of the corner of our ears. One glance at each other … Continue reading the great spatula war


let’s play house

From cowboys and indians to SaddleClub to Barbies to spies, the areas of childhood amusement in which I had much expertise varied greatly. However, none of these games were ever played enough to even approach the amount of energy invested in one particular game, play house. Residing in the country, there was only one other … Continue reading let’s play house

Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

  Baking soda and baking powder look, sound, and feel similar, but anyone who has ever tried substituting baking soda for baking powder most definitely knows that they are not the same. This article explores what baking soda and baking powder are, their history, and the chemistry behind the reactions they create. History Originally, bread … Continue reading Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

Savior of the Poor Man’s Wallet

Savior of the poor man’s wallet. A step forward. Hope to those that had none. Communism in disguise. The healthcare horror. The Affordable Care Act. Death. Yes, these are all names some would agree describe the law commonly known as Obamacare. Ironically, none of them are the official name of the law that has been … Continue reading Savior of the Poor Man’s Wallet